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Today, only an irreparable optimist, a complete lunatic, or an incompetent lottery winner can do business in the field of gastronomy, which has led us to look for other livelihoods. Legs on the table, beer, and something from an express Dutch shipment whipped our imagination so much that we shot our designs in that damn haze like a New Year's Eve rocket. Proponents of gambling have always had the strongest argument - along with drugs, weapons and consolation for money, it has always been the most lucrative article. However, the idea of a lynching crowd driving us from Budějovická down to the Vltava River helped us to sober up quickly from that madness. In the morning we slowly and silently came to reconciliation: gastronomy is not a choice, but a destiny. For life ...

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September 2020 - September 2021

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Restaurant Guru Certificate 2021
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